CREOULA e a regata Panerai

O Navio de Treino de Mar CREOULA vai dar a partida aos iates clássicos da regata transatlântica Panerai, em Cascais, no próximo Domingo, 2 de Dezembro, pelas 12H00. O CREOULA larga de Lisboa (Base Naval do Alfeite) pelas 9H00 de Sábado, dia 1 de Dezembro e "passa o fim de semana fundeado em Cascais, regressando à base no Domingo, com partida de Cascais pelas 14H00 e chegada ao Alfeite cerca das 17H00. Mais uma missão honrosa deste belo navio português a representar o nosso País.
Anexa-se informação oficial sobre a regata Panerai:
PANERAI CLASSIQUE YACHTS: http://www.transatclassique.com/
Douarnenez - Cascais - Start 22nd July - ETA to Cascais 26 to 29 July
Saint-Tropez - Cascais - Start 25 October - ETA to Cascais 29 October to 3 November
Cascais - Barbados - Start from Cascais 2 December 2012 - 12:00h
The Panerai Transat 2012 Classic is organized with the support of partners Clubs departures, arrivals and stopovers or with the support of many institutional and private partners.
Barbados Cruising Club
Barbados Yacht Club 
Clube Naval de Cascais
In 2008, the idea to race 24 classic yachts across the Atlantic was a bold one. But it paid off. After sailing more than 4,800 miles from the port of Douarnenez to the Caribbean island of St. Barts, the participants rewarded the organizers with their good humour and their enthusiasm. The Sparkman & Stephens yawl Stiren took the trophy and a legend was born.
The Panerai Transat Classique will be entering a new phase in 2012 with, in addition to the Atlantic seaboard event, a leg starting out from a Mediterranean port.
Saint-Tropez, well known as a rendezvous for the world's most prestigious yachts thanks to the regattas The Nioulargue and Les Voiles, is a natural starting point for an alternative warm-up run to Cascais in Portugal. After converging on Lisbon's sophisticated seaboard neighbour, the Atlantic and Mediterranean fleets will set out for that pearl of the Caribbean, Barbados, a destination that has inspired many a racing yachtsmen in search of adventure and discovery.
No doubt about it, the Panerai Transat Classique 2012 is going to be a vintage race!

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